Mobile Hair Salons: Here to Stay

Mobile Hair Salons: Here to Stay

Brick and mortar salons have long been the industry standard. But increasingly, beauticians and salon stylists have been starting to get mobile, visiting clients in their homes and offices. 

The disadvantage in travelling to the client lies in having to lug around your equipment and in having to make due with your client’s environment and sitting arrangements. 
What if you, as a salon professional, didn’t have to compromise? What if you could bring your salon along with you? That’s the driving force behind mobile hair salons.
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Hear From Our Customers: Duwa Mobile Salon

Wanting to build a new and unique experience for customers, Duwa Mobile Salon is proud of their ability to customize their experience based on each customer. 

The Rise of Mobile Salons

Originally embraced by innovative salon owners a few years ago and rising in popularity today, mobile salons offer the flexibility to go where the client base is without having to leave behind your salon’s furniture or tools.
Salon owners are using various mobile hair salon vehicles, including trailers and vans, to create salon spaces on wheels. Using a vehicle to create a salon may mean size is limited, but creativity is not.
Small commercial vans, travel trailers and buses have all been successfully converted to mobile salons. Airstream aluminum trailers are especially popular for beauty salon conversions for their vintage appeal and retro charm.

Mobile Hair Salon Equipment

If you're envisioning a retro-style mobile hair salon for your business, some of Standish’s vintage-inspired pieces, like the Duke or Draper salon shuttles, would be perfectly suited for this theme. 
For a more modern and sleek mobile salon, incorporate our more contemporary-style mobile salon equipment like the Kaemark Westfall Shampoo Chair.
Looking for a salon cart with optimal value, and minimal floor space? The Savvy Utility Cart is great for storing your mobile hair salon accessories. 

How to Promote a Mobile Salon

  • Aesthetically, a mobile hair salon that stands out may have another positive side effect: increased brand awareness. A truly unique mobile salon can set you apart from competitors and cause people to take a second look at the branding featured on your vehicle. 
    It can also spur some great social media posting opportunities. Who else gets to tweet a picture of their salon in front of a different landmark each day? 
    If this sounds good to you, time to find a vehicle, get your gear and get rolling on down the road! Contact Standish to learn more about how we can help equip your mobile hair salon.