How To Attract New Customers To Your Barbershop

How To Attract New Customers To Your Barbershop

Most men, and most women, would say that women can be swayed with glitzy chandeliers, flattering lighting, and pampering services when selecting a new salon.

But is that a bad thing?

Although there is the stereotype that women can be won over with shiny objects and small details, in an industry that is selling presentation and experience, the smaller details matter.

Men, historically, have a tendency to look past the overall décor decisions and complimentary cucumber water, fixating on the price of the service itself.

But the times are changing!

With the emergence of more male-geared health and grooming products, men are more drawn to establishments specializing in men’s grooming. Barber shops need to take note that men are now conscious of their appearance, and like women, are becoming more critical in terms of who they are going to trust their couffe to, as well as the look and feel of the establishment itself.

So, what’s the key to success?

Provide an Experience

Haircuts are no longer looked at through a functionality lens, but rather for style and social prestige. What once used to be a seasonal cut, is now a regularly scheduled trim or style adjustment every 4 – 6 weeks. Providing your male customers with a personal, unique experience will keep them coming back to your shop every time.

Go the Extra Mile

Take the time to learn your customers first names and some details about their line of work. Asking them about trips or upcoming plans and then following up with questions during their next visit will show that you truly are listening to them! Always engage in conversation; no one likes to sit awkwardly for half an hour.

Pamper Them

Offer additional services free of charge. You will make your customer feel special, while justifying a higher price for your barber shop services. Some examoles include providing refreshments while they are waiting, offering to trim their facial hair when they come in for a haircut, and making sure to dust off all the loose cut hair from their neck and shoulders before removing the cape. 

Offering unique barber shop services are also key to your success.

  1. Learn the Art of Straight Razor Shaving
    Once a prominent barbershop service, the art of straight razor shaving has disappeared from mainstream shops. A time consuming service that requires an extremely steady hand, straight razor shaving services are few and far between. Offering such a service will make your barbershop stand apart from the rest giving your barber shop business a competitive advantage in a cut- throat industry; pardon the pun.
  2. Have Fresh Hot Towels
    Have fresh, hot towels with essential oils for pre-shave cleansing. To create the classic, relaxing hot towel experience, watch this video.
  3. Offer Shoe Shines
    Attractive to the business bunch, while your customer is getting their cut and shave, have an assistant fetch their shoes and shine them up. Your customer will leave feeling fresh from head to toe.