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Posted by Allie Winters on 2/19/2015

In Tucson, a new salon is offering much more than your average haircut. Studio 110 was fashioned from the mind of its creator and owner, Vanessa Baird. Though the salon has been open for just a few months, Baird is anything but new to the industry. 

After honing her craft for 10 years, she decided it was time to take a creative approach all her own and add business owner to her list of accomplishments.

Baird’s long-evolving concept of mixing business and creativity manifested into a salon design that is a perfect combination of opposites attracting.

“[The salon is] an industrial foundation will little modern accents, exposed conduites of two different organics that blend together. 
I wanted it to be a nice compliment to the historic neighborhood of Sam Hughes where we are located. Lots of the buildings here are original in neighborhood and I wanted to make sure we kept with the feel of the neighborhood and the community.”

The Design Process 

The “we” Baird refers to is her husband, a general contractor who took a space that was originally a conference room and completely gutted, expanded and remodeled it into what is now Studio 110.

Baird’s philosophy of fusing beauty with the positive influences of lifestyle flows directly into how she and her team stand out from other salons. The full service salon specializes in both hair and makeup, with each artist free to showcase their own skillset.

This personalized style is what made Standish Salon Goods an excellent fit for Baird’s vision. When envisioning her salon, she began by looking for creativity in furniture design that met her specific standards of reliability and quality as well as the budget she had in mind.

As any fledgling business owner might do, her next step was to research the ideas of what she wanted. She was initially attracted to the Standish branding because of the visual attractiveness and the useful videos on the site, the customer service she came to experience from a team she already felt she knew, was also a big plus.

studio 110 waiting room

As an individual who pays attention and values the details, the description of the Duke Hair Salon Styling Chair as an “industrial leather jacket that never goes out of style” sold her.

The rest is salon furniture history, the black Duke chair became an easy addition to Baird’s space and vision. 

Her salon was created to be a “welcoming invitation to clients new and old,” and this particular salon chair with its classic yet simple design fits in perfectly with the feeling of comfort and warmth without overwhelming the space.

This translates directly into how Baird and her team feel about their clients: neighborhood faces that turn into new best friends.

Tips for New Salon Owners 

With the opening of Studio 110 recently behind her, Baird possesses a wealth of information and valuable experience as a new business owner.

“An opening is intense and it’s challenging to make everything fall into place - but exciting at the same time to see something come to fruition.
 In a few carefully chosen words: consummation, accomplishment, fulfillment, achievement, completion, perfection and result.”

Congratulations to Vanessa and the entire Studio 110 team! Thanks for sharing your story, we look forward to watching you take Tucson by storm - one blowout at a time.

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