Spend $500 Get A Free ECOHEAD With "eco500"

Spend $500 and receive a FREE EcoHead ShowerHead with code eco500! That's a $150 value!

ECOHEADS is revolutionizing the salon industry, and you can be the first to be a part of it! Save time, water, and money by using this showerhead for any shampoo shuttle. The showerhead's environmentally friendly design doubles water pressure at each basin while saving 65% more water. With EcoHeads special plate technology, it doubles water pressure creating a powerful stream cutting your rinse time in half and giving your valued clients that added scalp massage during their shampoo. For even more information about EcoHeads click HERE! Make sure to enter eco500 at checkout in order to receive your free EcoHead!

What's So Great About EcoHeads?

  • Reduce water usage & energy by 65%
  • Double water pressure
  • Cut rinse time in half
  • Filter removes dirt, rust & sediment
  • Increase client experience
Do You Qualify For Multiple Free EcoHeads?
If you purchase any Kaemark or OWI Shampoo Shuttle then you qualify for additional FREE EcoHeads! All you have to do are the following:
  • Add any Kaemark or OWI Shampoo Shuttle to your cart
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your cart page where it says, "Order Code (Optional)" 
  • Enter code ECO17
  • 1 Free Ecohead for every 1 Kaemark or OWI Shuttle Purchased (i.e purchase 7 Kaemark Shuttles get 7 FREE EcoHeads)

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