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Posted by Allie Winters on 7/30/2015 to Featured Salon

Your salon can make an impact

It’s All About the Experience

Running a successful salon all depends on one thing - having the right equipment. Standish understands the importance of functional yet stylish equipment and it’s why we’ve been featured in Salon Today’s Salon Of The Year Showcase! Whether your salon is large or small, you can easily create the experience and atmosphere you want by choosing different furniture pieces and design concepts. It’s no longer just about the salon visit for clients, it’s about the salon experience. So don’t be afraid to give your salon a little personality, or a lot if you really want to make a statement!

The Salon Is More Than Just a Place of Business

Salon Gloss in Woodstock, Georgia is a perfect example of how your salon can become more than just the place you do business and instead become a part of an experience. This salon makes great use of Standish's Draper White Salon Chairs to provide comfort as well as style.

How Salon Gloss Makes a Memorable Impact

As a featured finalist of Salon Today’s Salon Of The Year, Salon Gloss has proven that their salon is a cut above the others with its sleek furniture, modern design and fun pops of color. Small pops of color make an impact on their own, but you can never have too much of a good thing! This salon takes it one step further in a big way by providing its clients with a memorable backdrop to their visit: a rainbow hair coloring bar! This is one unique piece that adds a whole lot of personality to this salon - something that creates the fun and friendly atmosphere that keeps clients coming back each time. Check out additional photos of the salon here.

Take the Opportunity to Set Your Salon Apart

Salon Today’s Salon Of The Year showcase has shown that equipment, furniture and design all go past simply providing a functional use to client and stylist - they can be used to create a unique atmosphere that will be sure to set your salon apart. With so many ways to incorporate different pieces of furniture and equipment into a design, you can make sure your salon is not only functional, but stylish as well!

Get This Look

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