Salon Equipment Financing

Here at Standish we want to make the process for salon equipment financing as simple and painless as possible, so we have 2 payment options to choose from!

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1. If you can wait a while for your Standish Stuff...
Low Price Lock Down Payment Plan

Benefits: Flexibility, No interest charges, No credit check, Orders $2,500 qualify!

How it works: We create a custom package including covered tax charges, and a package discount! You pay a non-refundable 40% down payment to lock in the promotion price, then we set up recurring payments over the course of 6 months, once it's paid off we ship your order! We work with you to come up with a payment plan that works best for your budget- whether it's one payment per month, or twice a month... or once every 90 days! Pay it off within 6 months or sooner if you wish! This option for salon equipment financing is for early planners not last minute purchases, because we can not ship items until they are paid in full.

2. If you need your things right away...
Apply for Financing

Benefits: Fast approval time, Long term payment options, Quick delivery!

How it works: We'll create a custom package just for you, fill out the application we provide, and within 2 business days you will know if you are approved! No waiting for your items, we ship as soon as your first payment clears! Then you may take months, or even years to pay off the balance. Interest rates depend on your credit score. This is your typical financing option for salon equipment, but will be fulfilled only for orders $2,500 or more.