What Does Eco-Certified Wood Have To Do With Your Salon?

Styling stations are a key part of your salon equipment package and making sure your styling stations withstand the everyday wear and tear of your stylists is imperative to your investment! 

Your stations should be able to last through the daily impacts, spills and more that takes place in a salon setting. Here is why Kaemark's American-Made Stations are so durable.

It's In The Details

What makes Kaemark’s American-made salon styling stations so durable? Well, it’s the combination of these core manufacturing elements.

Our styling stations are built with Eco-Certified engineered wood that is built for strength while providing exceptional surface smoothness for our Aeon laminates. 

We are very particular in the type and quality of wood substrate that we use to ensure no splitting when handling for a stronger more reliable core material. Many of our online competitors use cheaper alternatives with poor screw holding, expansion, bond, and elasticity standards which can cause splitting as early as your assembly.  

Not only is our engineered wood stronger, but when paired with the use of our scratch and scuff resistant Aeon Laminate our stations are dramatically more durable than competitive options. This high-pressure laminate comprises layers of resin-treated papers, processed under high heat and pressure to create a strong, flexible decorative surface. 

Our standard soft close hinges avoid marks from forming on frames due to slammed doors and prevent cracks and dents from forming on the doors themselves. 

Kaemark has nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing salon equipment, and have developed the perfect equation between quality and investment to ensure you receive the highest quality furniture while protecting your bottom line. 

Interested in Learning More?

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