Tips For Spring Cleaning In Your Salon

Spring is quickly approaching, and we couldn't be more excited for an opportunity to share with you some helpful tips to kick start your spring cleaning and organizing to-do lists!

Cleaning your salon can be extremely refreshing for both the physical salon space and for all those that inhabit it on a daily basis, but also organizing your salon can help your stylist become that much more productive as we enter the busy season.

Allure Downtown Salon and Spa

Before You Start

Make sure you have the appropriate cleaning supplies. You’re going to want to sanitize your salon with something a little more than simple soap and water to make sure there are no germs or bacteria lingering on hard to reach surfaces. 

Note: Make sure to read up on proper cleaning for salon equipment. Kaemark Salon Furnishings offers a listing of products safe to use on their upholstered surfaces. You don't want to use something that will ruin the appearance of your furniture!

Go Through Your Cabinets

Start off your deep cleaning by removing everything from your cabinets. Take this time to go through and get rid of any products that you don’t need or use anymore, empty bottles, or trash that has somehow made its way into the back of your cabinets.

Before putting anything back inside, be sure to wipe down the insides of the cabinets and drawers and let them dry! Organize cabinets by placing expiring products near the front so your stylist knows to use those products first. Don’t forget to check those pesky expiration dates! Now is a great time to discount products that are approaching their expiration date to your customers. Just make sure they know why the products are discounted.

Do A Clean Sweep

As we all know, dust and hair can settle just about anywhere in your salon. That being said, make sure to sweep and mop all the places in your salon that might not get as much attention as surface tops.

Move furniture around to get those dust bunnies that have made a home in your salon! Be sure all equipment is in the correct position to be moved around. 


Organize, Organize, Organize!

Now that you have gone through your cabinets and space, take time to consider the best way of keeping everything stored. 

Make sure you have easy access to the products and items you use most and keep the special use products stored carefully to avoid accidental spills. 

Consider which retail items you would like to feature in your salon display as well and create a visually appealing retail area!

Consider A Cleaning Schedule

Now that you’ve gotten your salon in tip-top shape, consider implementing a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule as well to avoid having as much work to do next spring! Daily can consist of sweeping, mopping, and sanitizing well-used areas.  Weekly might consists of a more heavy-duty wipe down and sanitation. For a monthly cleaning, you may want to take a full inventory and organization schedule. 

You don’t want all of your hard work to have been for nothing, so make sure your staff is all on board with any schedule you put in place! Turn cleaning into a fun team-building event!