How To Create The Perfect Salon Mission Statement

Start Writing Your Salon Mission Statement

Before writing the mission statement, you’ll need to identify a few things about your salon that make it distinct. First, isolate your core competencies. These are strengths that set you apart from competitors. 

They should be applicable to a wide range of services in your sector and should be part what makes your salon experience special to your clients. For example, does your salon only use organic products, or does your staff have more experience than any of your competitors? 

These are the things you should be thinking about when defining your core competencies.




  • Focus on the market, not your products or services.

    In other words, this means focusing on how your business’s unique core competencies will fulfill your customer’s needs.

  • Be authentic.

    In a way, a mission statement acts as a sort of definition of what your salon is and how it fills a market need. The mission statement needs to be a truthful representation of your salon’s business model and culture. Stay true to what makes your salon awesome!

  • Stand apart from your competitors.

    Be unique! Make sure your core competencies are as unique as you are.

  • Make your mission motivating and inspiring.

    This statement may strike you as being more applicable to large corporations with thousands of employees. Actually, all businesses and their staff can benefit from an uplifting mission statement, and this includes salons. 

  • Clear, Concise, and Focused

    Because the mission statement is so concise in nature, it may be helpful to, at first, write it in point-form. Once you have collected all the points you want to touch on, you can move on to actually crafting the statement. 

    It should be concise, easy to read, not overly complex, and sharply focused. This is why the mission statement can be such a challenge to get right!

    If you have a colleague or friend who has experience with writing or editing, it may be beneficial to have them to help write or edit your mission statement. Alternatively, if you have the budget to do so, you could enlist the help of a professional business writer.

Salon Mission Statement Example ----Kai Salon & Spa

"Kai Salon and Spa’s mission is to deliver a level of service found nowhere else in the area. We strive to push the boundaries of beauty with our extraordinary products, exceptional service and dedication to our guests’ well being...

...We strive to provide each of our guests with a gratifying experience every time they visit. Our team of professionals is committed to offering only the best quality of service. We are constantly striving to better our skills through training and advanced education.

At Kai Salon and Spa, the principal difference is our holistic approach to treating our guest. Through inspiring and educating our guest, wellness and beauty can be integrated into their daily lives. We look forward to bringing AVEDA knowledge and an experience to all of our guests."