3 Important Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Your Salon Equipment

When furnishing your salon with equipment, it is easy to get caught up in the experience with the variety of options available.  You may wonder how to narrow down your choices when all of them seem appealing. 

While there are obvious filters like price and color, there are a few tougher questions that should be asked before purchasing any equipment. The answers to the following questions can help indicate many different aspects including the quality of your equipment and its potential longevity. 

If the company you are interested in purchasing from cannot answer these questions, you may want to reconsider your options.

1. Is my furniture made in the United States?

If buying American-made matters to you, you will want to know exactly where your furniture is made. Kaemark’s American-made furniture is exactly that. American-made

Kaemark’s American-made equipment is not only constructed in our Texas factory, but is also quality checked multiple times before the order is shipped. 

If your furniture must be delivered by a certain date to maintain your salon opening/renovations it is vital that you are given an accurate timeline for the buildout and delivery of your equipment.  Kaemark’s custom American-made furnishings have varied production times depending on the product, usually falling between 2-12 weeks. 

Our team is also transparent with any potential delays or stocking issues that may arise. The COVID19 pandemic has affected many different industries and made an impact on products and their stock issues. If the company you are trying to buy furniture from cannot give you an accurate time frame for your products, it may take months beyond their original estimate for your furniture to arrive. 

2. Am I able to see the furniture in person?

Being able to touch and feel your salon furniture before making a purchase is very important to many beauty professionals. You will be working with your equipment everyday when you are in the salon and do not want to purchase something you cannot comfortably work at. 

You are able to do exactly that when you visit Kaemark’s 10,000 SQ FT Showroom in Giddings, Texas. From sitting in styling chairs to find the perfect fit for your clientele to standing in front of our styling stations, testing the feel of our furniture and imagining them in your salon - our showroom experience is catered to match your needs. 

For those interested in custom furniture, you are able to see a variety of Kaemark’s equipment in person and work with on-site designers to create the furniture perfect for your salon.

3. Can I see pictures of the factory where my equipment is made?

Knowing where your equipment is made can make a big difference in the quality of your furniture. Seeing is believing should be your mantra when purchasing salon equipment. Being able to see the place where your salon furniture is made not only is a cool experience but allows you to see for yourself the work and quality that goes into each piece of furniture. 

Kaemark’s facilities in Texas not only include the 10,000 SQFT Showroom, but our 200,000 sq ft manufacturing facilities where our master artisans and crafters build each piece of American-made furniture. When you visit Kaemark's showroom, you are able to take a tour through the factory and meet many of the people who will be building your equipment!

Hopefully, these questions will assist you in the furnishings and completion of your salon. Here at Standish, we understand the work that goes into creating the perfect workplace and want to aid in bringing your dreams to life. 

For more information on visiting the Kaemark showroom, in-person or virtually, click the button below to schedule a consultation!