4 Quick Facts About Kaemark You Should Know

Searching for salon furniture and equipment can be extremely difficult. With a variety of options available, it is important to know who you are buying your salon equipment from. We put together this list of what to expect when you purchase Kaemark American-Made Salon Equipment.

1. American-Made Quality

Kaemark’s American-made products are just that, American-made. We source only the best raw materials to create each piece of American-made salon furniture. Our salon styling stations and other cabinetry options are designed for functionality and built for durability.  Our salon chairs and other American-made salon seating can survive the test of time. With the average life-span of 10 years, our American-made salon seating will stretch your initial investment by nearly 60%.

From our home in Giddings, Texas, our showroom and factory employs hundreds of local artisans and helps to boost the local economy.

From our home in Giddings, Texas, our showroom and factory employs hundreds of local artisans and helps to boost the local economy.

2. Kaemark All-In-One Service

Kaemark is your one-stop shop for all things when building-out or completing your salon remodel. With the assistance of our dedicated equipment pros you can go from receiving salon floor plans and layout assistance to custom design and even final installation of your American-made salon equipment.

Our equipment pros will be with you every step of the way, offering assistance and available for help with any issues that may arise during the salon furnishing.

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Crown Couture in Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas. The owner, Priscilla, visited Kaemark's Salon Showroom after being disappointed by other local showrooms.

3. Kaemark's Salon Showroom

Kaemark has a 10,000 square-foot salon equipment showroom that is open for visits both virtually and in-person! Through the Fly and Buy program, visit and tour the salon showroom and factory, then work with our designers for your salon build, and have your flight credited* after your furniture purchase!

Being able to touch and feel the equipment before you purchase can make a world of difference. 

After her first attempt to buy furniture from a Showroom in Dallas, Priscilla, owner of Crown Couture in Alamo Heights San Antonio, called Kaemark. Watch as she explains how visiting our Showroom made all the difference in her salon furnishing purchase process.

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4. Kaemark Innovations

As Kaemark approaches its 50th anniversary, we diversified our products and services. Kaemark can provide furnishings and equipment in both salon suites and cosmetology schools. We offer custom design, space planning and blended pricing options for all customers. Kaemark strives to provide timeless looking furniture that is both durable and long-lasting. From our innovative GLO LED Mirror Styling Station to our American-made salon chairs, we aim our focus on quality, durability and functionality.

For more information about working with Kaemark or to schedule your consultation with one of our equipment professionals, click the button below.

*For full details about the Fly & Buy Program, visit our Showroom page.