Meet the Team

 Connor: Merchandising Pro
Connor is our newest team member here at Standish. When he is not editing products he likes to go out in Dallas with friends, play video games and binge watch Netflix. He is very passionate about traveling ever since exploring across Europe after graduating high school. He has been to Mexico, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France & Canada! If given the chance to explore somewhere new he is down for it! 

 Tiffany: Project Pro
The go-to, get-it-done girl in the office is our project pro, Tiffany. Don't let her quiet demeanor fool you--she's friendly, fun and fierce (maybe it's that red hair of hers). But man, the girl is a workaholic here in the Standish office when it comes to managing schedules, making sure the site is up to date, and the interns are getting trained. When she's not in the office, it's 99% likely that she's with her dog, Ellie.

 James: Video Pro
Have you seen our awesome videos lately? Not only do we have talent in front of the camera, but behind it! James is our newest Standish team member, and he’s blowing us away with the amount of talent he’s got! When he’s not being the Spielberg of Standish, you might find him hanging out working on cars or making videos that aren’t about salon furniture (but who would ever want to stop filming chairs and stations?!)

 Landen: Project Pro and Butt-Kicker
If anyone knows how to juggle many things without giving up, it's Landen. She is definitely a tenacious one. Both a project pro and world traveller, Landen isn't one to give up on anything, be it a project for Standish, or a gorilla safari in Rwanda. Landen is super versatile, with her passion for baseball, weekends out on the city with her husband, and hefty travel to-do list that includes places such as New Zealand, Brazil and Wimbledon as a few starters. 


 Annie: Performance Analyst Pro
Curious, intuitive, and great with crunching data, Annie is our number one when it comes to analyzing our marketing performance. Her inspiration is the one and only Oprah and it definitely reflects because if she won a million dollars she would invest half and use the other half to travel, eat, and explore. In her free time, you can find her indulging in her most guilty pleasure of keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip!