Meet the Team

Our Standish Salon Goods team is chock-full of real people with (sometimes annoyingly) bubbly personalities. We love our jobs. We love helping you. We're passionate about our products. And we enjoyed creating this website. Maybe you're thinking "yeah, right", but we're happy to prove it. Just call and place an order: 888.271.8434.

We're not just a bunch of big time salesmen, which actually works out a lot better for us because we don't have to stress out about making daily minimums or surviving on commissions. We just get to be nice to people. It's actually pretty fun.

Our team extends worldwide, from designers and manufacturing specialists, to quality assurance professionals. And if you call and talk to someone at Standish, then chances are you'll be working with someone from our smaller, front office team (featured below) who are each ridiculously fanatic about making sure your order goes perfectly. Ultimately, you'll be the judge of that, though... so go ahead, give us a shout!

Hannah: Sales, Business, and Design Pro
With experience both selling and using salon equipment, Hannah is a great asset to the Standish Sales Team! She's one of the most compassionate and fun people we have here, and when you call in and speak to her, you'll be able to tell. Whether it's helping you learn more information about the products, placing your order, or anything in between, she'll keep a smile on your face and do everything to make sure you're satisfied! In her free time, you can find Hannah enjoying a craft beer, baking something delicious, or maybe even getting a new tattoo! Just like her favorite chair, the Draper, she's fun and super stylish!

Tiffany: Merchandising and Marketing Pro
The go-to, get-it-done girl in the office is our merch and marketing pro, Tiffany. Don't let her quiet demeanor fool you--she's friendly, fun and fierce (maybe it's that red hair of hers). But man, the girl is a workaholic here in the Standish office when it comes to adding products to the site or making a spreadsheet crammed with numbers and data. An antique and vintage clothing nut, Tiffany is happiest when she's out and about finding the latest steals. Maybe that's why Gwyneth is her favorite Standish piece... Quilted is so old-school.

James: Video Pro
Have you seen our awesome videos lately? Not only do we have talent in front of the camera, but behind it! James is our newest Standish team member, and he’s blowing us away with the amount of talent he’s got! When he’s not being the Spielberg of Standish, you might find him hanging out working on cars or making videos that aren’t about salon furniture (but who would ever want to stop filming chairs and stations?!)

Landen: Project Pro and Butt-Kicker
If anyone knows how to juggle many things without giving up, it's Landen. She is definitely a tenacious one. Both a project pro and world traveller, Landen isn't one to give up on anything, be it a project for Standish, or a gorilla safari in Rwanda. Much like business woman, mother and celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow, a woman who she admires, Landen is similarly just as versatile, with her passion for baseball, weekends out on the city, and hefty travel to-do list that includes places such as New Zealand, Brazil and Wimbledon as a few starters. She believes in staying up late and waking up early, not sacrificing getting something done or missing out on fun, but doing both.

Terrence: Design Pro
When we need a pretty graphic on the fly, Terrence is our go-to guy! Responsible for some awesome designs for our emails, he’s got serious talent. We’re not the only ones that get to enjoy it, though! He also does portrait illustrations of people when he’s not here helping us making websites and emails look pretty.

Lauren: Web Developing Pro
When something goes wrong on the Standish website, we give this girl a call. She’s a super talented developer that helps us think through problems and make it a better user experience for you—our shoppers! On days that she’s not picking up our messes, she’s messing around with her own projects or hanging out with her cat.

Annie: Performance Analyst Pro
Curious, intuitive, and great with crunching data, Annie is our number one when it comes to analyzing our marketing performance. Her inspiration is the one and only Oprah and it definitely reflects because if she won a million dollars she would invest half and use the other half to travel, eat, and explore. Her favorite Standish product is the Solid 14K Gold Rutherford Salon Chair… In her free time, you can find her indulging in her most guilty pleasure of keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip!

Ryein: Sales and Financing Pro
First thing’s first, you have to get the spelling right! Pronounced like “Ryan,” and spelled “R-Y-E-I-N”. He’s definitely one of the most charismatic members of the Standish team, making the office burst into laughter multiple times a day whether it’s a joke, dancing around, or convincing everyone to wear Cheetah print clothes to work. In a typical day, you’ll find him helping out with some customer satisfaction, taking calls, or helping out with other tasks around the office. Ryein’s hero is Beyonce—because honestly, if anyone complains about not being able to get things done, just remember that Beyonce only has 24 hours in her day too. It’s a real motivator.

Katherine: Marketing Media Pro
Katherine, or as we like to call her, Laffy Taffy, is our go to for marketing strategies and keeping our desktops and mobile sites in tip top shape. So where does Laffy Taffy come from? Well, for one her last name is Taff but you can also find her making people laugh as an improv performer. Don’t let her goofiness fool you though, if she was invisible she would use her powers to secretly sit in on MIT and Harvard lectures gaining knowledge without having to fork up the dough to pay for them. Her favorite Standish product is the Cornwall All-Purpose chair because it reminds her of herself… A woman with many talents!

Travis: Content Strategist Pro
Travis, the content strategist guru is the all around good guy. When he’s not working on the Standish site he is busy traveling, taking golf lessons, watching Texas Tech or SMU football and enjoying a spontaneous life in the big ol’ Dallas, Texas. Family is important to him, so if he was stranded on an island all he would want is the company of his future wife/kiddos and fur babes. Hopefully they have red bull on the island because he might not survive without it. His favorite standish product is the Danbury shampoo unit. Why? Because getting your hair shampooed is the best part about getting a haircut!

Ryan: Standish's Star Intern
Ryan, or Gaff to keep it simple due to the amount of “Ryans” the office has is our newest member. When he is not interning he likes to go out in Dallas with friends, play video games and binge watch Netflix. His favorite Standish product is the Cornwall All-Purpose Chair, because of it’s classic, timeless look! He is very passionate about traveling ever since exploring across Europe after graduating high school. He has been to Mexico, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France & Canada! If given the chance to explore somewhere new he is down for it! Three words that would describe his personality are: adventurous, funny and cheerful!