A Guide to Masculine Barber Shop Decor

Posted by Allie Hansell on 6/10/2014 to Salon Ideas & Inspiration

Creating the proper tone within your barber shop is critical. When deciding on decor for a new shop, or to simply update your existing one, the tone that you create through your barber shop equipment and color combinations will dictate the demographic that you attract.

Understand your target demographic, and put yourself in their shoes. Would you come to your shop if you were looking for a quality cut? Follow these tips and tricks for designing masculine and eye-catching barber shop decor.

Decorate for the Right Audience

Once you have narrowed in on your target demographic, make your barber shop decor selections accordingly. Below, we have made a few simple suggestions for barbershops looking to attract a young adult, to middle-aged male professional.

Quality and comfort are captured in our sleek and sophisticated Mr. Riggins Barber Chair. It's a classic addition to any masculine barber shop decor. 

Keep your barbershop organized with our London Double Decker
StylingStation. This station will keep your working areas clean and uncluttered, while offering a rich feel with its architectural details.

Have your clients kick back and relax in a luxurious Kaemark Eloquence Shampoo Chair. This handsome, American made chair offers comfortable back support and a footrest for the ultimate wash experience.

Color Coordinate Your Decor

Thought provoking articles have been published explaining the connection that individuals have to colors. Although color science is not exact or definitive, years of observations and testing has highlighted significant similarities over time. Depending on gender, age, and even education, individuals respond differently, both emotionally and subconsciously, to certain color combinations.

Overall, men generally prefer:
  • darker, earthy tones
Younger male generations:
  • are open to a wider variety of colors, due to their exposure to photo enhancing software (ie: Photoshop and Instagram)
Older males prefer:
  • simple, clean cut lines
  • basic color combinations
Well-educated individuals:
  • gravitate towards rich hues with sophisticated names
Blue-collar workers:
  • prefer simplistic primary colors
Each of these preferences should be taken into account for your design and barber shop decor selections.

Modern Barber Shop Decorations

An increasing number of men are beginning to realize that personal presentation and proper grooming are no longer just for women. Because the beauty industry has been targeting women for so long, make the extra effort with your design selections to tailor specifically to men. You’ll create a space that they feel comfortable in, which will keep them coming back!
For more masculine barber shop decor ideas, contact our salon design specialists at 888.271.8434 or by completing our online form.

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