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Posted by Tiffany Boyle on 9/2/2015 to New Products

There’s nothing we love more than getting new salon chairs to share with our customers! Luckily, we’ve introduced some amazing new pieces into our showroom lately, and here are two of our absolute favorites. Not only do they serve as game-changers, but they’re extremely good-looking and comfortable!

Now, it’s time to introduce you to Cornwall and Sophia like never before:

Standish Salon Goods is proud to introduce our Cornwall All-Purpose Chair.

When we introduced the Cornwall Salon Styling Chair, it quickly became a fan favorite. We've had many people ask, "do we have any all-purpose chairs that are stylish enough to match our Standish brand?" Until now the answer's been, "no." But we're so excited that's changed!

Now even salons with the most limited space can enjoy the timeless look of this handsome all-purpose chair. The Cornwall comes with a tufted back and beautiful brass detailing along the arms and the back of the chair. He is available in black and in white, in both all-purpose and styling chair options. So if you get one for the sink and one for your stations, you can match them in style.

One of our favorite features of our Cornwall is that the seat cushion is removable. It attaches with velcro that will allow you to lift it off and sweep any pesky hairs out of your chair. This All-Purpose chair reclines fully, using the handle on the left-hand side of the chair. For any of our lighter-colored chairs, we highly recommend purchasing the custom back cover for the chair. This will protect them against any accidental colors or spills in your salon. As with all of our products, the Cornwall All-Purpose chair comes with a standard two-year warranty and is guaranteed to pass U.S. inspection.

If you have any questions regarding our products, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. We hope you love the Cornwall All-Purpose chair!

Here’s the Kaemark Sophia Styling Chair. She's one of our absolute favorites because she's so customizable and extra, extra comfortable. You can customize the look of her arms to be either wood or metal with a high-grade vinyl finish. And you can choose between Kaemark Bases: Black Round, 5-Star, or an Antique Silver Look.

All of Kaemark's items can come in pretty much any color you could dream of. We offer standard vinyl choices as well as ones in creative colors like this color called, "Reflections," for an additional charge. The Sophia comes with a 7-layer thick plywood seat and back as well as extra-dense foam that makes it one of the most comfortable chairs in the industry. Not only are these chairs super comfortable, but they're also made right here in the U.S. That's right! Kaemark's located right outside of Austin, Texas and makes all your items per your order.

Every one of Kaemark's chairs come with our standard warranty and are guaranteed to pass U. S. inspection. This particular chair comes with a 7-Year Warranty on the hydraulic pump.

If you have any questions about Kaemark styling chairs or any of our products feel free to give us a call, or shoot us an email.

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