Featured Salon: Dane Lyric and How to Design a Salon with Brand Personality

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Posted by Natalie Vosberg on 3/1/2016 to Client Testimonials

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Dane Lyric is a salon with a unique mixture of style and creativity. Owner and operator Josh Siegel was able to create an atmosphere his clients appreciate and where his stylists could do their best work. How did he accomplish this feat? Josh had a distinct vision for his salon, did extensive research on products, and implemented all these ideas to design a salon he could feel passionate about. Now it’s your turn! Follow this guide for designing your dream salon.

Salon Vision

During the planning process, imagine how you want your customers to feel when they walk into your salon. Josh wanted his clients and employees to feel relaxed in his salon, so he chose a more simplistic but still stylish design. Look for something that inspires you whether it’s a statement piece of furniture or a Night in Paris theme.

Create Beauty Products

A business venture that Josh high recommends is to create your own collection of beauty products to use in the salon and sell to clients. This is when your expertise of the industry will continue to grow. You can mix and match different ingredients at a cosmetics lab and produce beauty products that are truly original and unique.

“All of a sudden you have this product that you’re looking at, and it’s exactly what you envisioned, and it’s something that you love,” Siegel said.

Develop the Brand

Next you’ll want to develop the brand identity and logo. What design do you want on the products? Will the names of products have something in common? This step is especially important because the branding is meant to resonate with your clients long after their visit. Your original vision should also be included in this process. Josh said including brand recognition while designing his salon was a “no brainer” decision.

Furnish Your Salon

Now that you’ve created your products and brand, it’s time to find the right furniture for your salon. At Dane Lyric, Josh chose to furnish his salon with red Charlotte salon chairs for the style and being “comfortable” and “built well” for his clients. Josh also furnished his salon with Kaemark mirrors that add “a ton of personality” to his salon.

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Products Featured In This Salon:

Charlotte Salon Chair in Red, Duke Shampoo Shuttle, and Kaemark Rectangle Mirror with Shelf!

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