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Posted by Kailee Slaughter on 6/6/2016 to Client Testimonials

When you own a hair studio, you want to create an atmosphere that not only your staff enjoys working in, but one that makes every single one of your clients feel like they are a VIP. Salon owner Nicolette Schwanz at Bleach Hair Studio is no exception. She wants every customer who walks through the door to feel like they can express themselves however they may please.  

Salon Inspiration:

The underlying inspiration for Bleach Hair Studio was to be unlike any other salon. The goal was to establish a calm, eclectic, and fun environment while also maintaining green ethics and principles. How did Nicolette go about this? She did her research to find the top of the line equipment to fit her every need.

After extensive research, what she found was Standish. During her search she was able to find an affordable, customizable, blended solution of American made and imported equipment that she claimed is “the best professional equipment on the market.”

Products Featured In This Salon:

  1. Our American-made Kaemark Sophia Styling Chair is unlike any other styling chair that comes with endless customization options. So if simplicity is your thing, maybe go for the black, or if crazy is your style go with the green vinyl just like Nicolette did at Bleach. Either way, Standish has customizable and affordable salon equipment just for you!

  1. The Danbury Shampoo Unit allows for not only our customers to have a relaxing and comfortable experience when getting their hair shampooed, but allows the stylist to “effortlessly work standing behind it”- Nicolette Schwanz. The best part is, you can enjoy this high quality, American made shampoo unit without breaking the bank, because we all know those custom salon items can get a little pricey!

     3)   The Saxton Color Bar is a made-to-order unit that is great for easy storage and easy cleaning. As Schwanz put it, “My favorite piece from Standish is the Saxton Color Bar because of its streamline beauty and efficiency.”

Thank you Bleach Hair Studio for using Standish to bring your salon to life! We love when our clients love our products. Visit Bleach Hair Studio in Dallas, TX to experience this fun, unique salon for yourself, and start shopping now to become our next featured salon!

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