Featured Products: Modern Salon Chairs

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Posted by Tiffany Boyle on 12/30/2015 to New Products

From all-white blow dry bars to the most minimalistic dryers you can find, salons everywhere are finding ways to pump up the style of their salon furniture. Join in on this trend with some of our most modern salon chairs, from unique arm designs to fun colors to make heads turn!

Check out product videos for Zac and Luke, two of the newest men on the block here at Standish.

Zac Salon Chair

Zac is one of our more modern, futuristic salon chairs. This is our only chair comes in an awesome green, and also black or white.

He pairs really well with the Sydney Styling Station and Soho Loft station to provide a modern, simple and clean design for any salon.

The open-arm design on the Zac Styling Chair is great for easy clean-up. And as all of our styling chair, Zac comes with a 2-year warranty and is guaranteed to pass all U.S. inspections!

For more details and product specifications, check out the Zac Modern Salon Chair product page!

Luke Salon Chair

Luke is one of our most modern styling chairs, and one of our favorite features is the exposed hardware on the back.

The exposed hardware gives him a more industrial look, and pairs really with our rustic and modern stations such as:

  • Yellowstone Styling Station
  • Yosemite Styling Station
  • Sydney Styling Station
  • Another great feature is that Luke comes in black and white OR black and white, so you can fit into almost any color scheme that you want to accomplish.

    We know that clean-up in salons need to be quick and easy. Lukeâ€â„¢s fun and unique open-arm design makes that possible.

    Are you sold yet? Shop now and get this awesome chair for your space.

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