Home Salons: Where Passion and Convenience Collide

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Posted by Natalie Vosberg on 9/14/2015 to Industry Trends

Picture this moment in your life: You’ve developed personal connections with long-term clients. Your co-workers often come to you for advice because they know you have a lot of experience in the cosmetic industry. It’s time to look for new inspiration to begin a new phase in your career. Maybe you’ve always imagined designing your own home salon, a place that feels uniquely catered to your taste.

A dream you had as a little girl or boy can become a reality. This very moment happened with one of our clients Michelle Ranger. She worked as a hair stylist for 10 years. One day she made the decision with her family to build her own home salon after having two kids. With a Paris theme in mind, Michelle was able to her craft her home salon using Standish Salon Goods.

Michelle Ranger - Home Salon Decor

Home salons are becoming a trend around the country. It can be an added feature to a home similar to a media room or wine cellar. The privacy aspect of owning a home salon comes with exclusive benefits that you won’t experience in a commercial space.

There are many other advantages to building your own home salon. It can be timely and convenient. Make a schedule that fits your lifestyle better. The journey to work could be as easy as walking down the hallway from your living room. Even your clients may feel more relaxed at a home salon with a personal atmosphere.

Leasing out a commercial space for a salon can come with issues. The owner may administer a set of rules that doesn’t cater to your taste. Just renting out the space alone can also become quite expensive. A home salon gives you the free ability to design how you please and adjust the specifications to meet your vision. The planning process can be easier than you imagined.

Ready start your next trendy business venture? Standish is here to make that dream a reality. Start browsing for the furniture for your home salon!

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