Featured Salon: DUWA The RV Salon

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Posted by Ryan Gaffney on 2/6/2017 to Client Testimonials

DUWA The RV Salon:
Michael Sturns (CEO & Owner) created Duwa the RV Salon for the sole purpose of being able to move his salon wherever he, or his clients may be. The RV Salon has been up and running for about a year now, and is starting the new generation for beauty. Sturns wanted to make sure that his business was unique and innovative, especially for being in an industry that is as such. What better way to do that than creating a mobile salon, and spa? The guests for Duwa are all coming for something different, so Sturns wants to make sure that his salon is able to meet his clients needs. Michael want’s all of his clients who step foot in his salon to be able to relax, and feel right at home!

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