Top 5 Reasons Why Standish Hair Salon Chairs Are The Best

Posted by Erin Cesla on 1/25/2013 to New Products

When looking to purchase hair salon chairs, you want to buy a stylish item that can provide the finishing touch in your salon. However, we all know that the functionality is equally important; at Standish Salon Goods, we don’t think you should have to sacrifice style for quality, so...

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Three Steps to Buying Hair Salon Equipment

Posted by Dylan Taylor-Smith on 1/2/2013 to Salon Ideas & Inspiration

Buying hair salon equipment can be as easy as pie, but following certain steps can get you there faster, and with fewer headaches. Step One: Get organized. These days, there are myriad options to help inspire you and ultimately help in decisions on layout, color scheme, decor, and overall...

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