Back-To-Back Salon Stations

In the salon business, making the most of your space is important, especially for those smaller salons that want to add style but still have enough space to work. Fortunately, Standish Salon Goods has the perfect space-saving solutions that can make any salon a big success. Our back-to-back salon styling stations can ensure that you get the most use out of your salon space.

Everyone is looking for something different in their back-to-back salon styling stations. Whether it's for saving space, maximizing the number of stylists in a particular area, or because you want to fill the middle of the room, we've get it. And we probably have just what you're looking for! 

Have you checked our our Soho collection? If not, you're missing out. Go with the Soho Prince St. Station, the older brother of the Soho Loft and Soho Mojo salon styling stations. This gentleman will supply you with a simple yet trendy look that will bring your clients to the heart of NYC, and help you create a more modern vibe in an area that you need to double up on functional space with. 

Looking for a reflective atmosphere, creating a modern space, or maybe just like the look of shiny chrome and glass? Escape to the California vineyards with the winding chrome from of one of our glass and chrome back-to-back stations that double up our single styling stations, the Sonoma Valley, Napa Chateau, or Sierra Vine. The Sonoma Twin Valley is the most uniquely designed, with its geometric chrome details. The Sierra Double Vine salon styling station is very linear, with straight lines and rectangles composing the whole piece of beauty salon furniture. The Napa Chateau Deux is the rounded version of the Sierra Double Vine, with a very antique shape to it, with a hint of modern in its glass and chrome materials. 

For a tall and elegant look that mimics the Manhattan skyline, go with the Manhattan Maisonette salon styling station. This tall styling station is all mirror on its longest sides, with ample storage space on its two remaining sides. This rolling salon station makes it one of the more functional salon stations we offer, like a giant salon cart

Pay a visit to the sights and sounds of foggy London town with the London Double Decker salon styling station. The larger version of the London Big Ben, this elegant Englishman offers shelf space, classic design, and ample storage space all in one! 

No matter which option you choose, you’ll have room for two stylists to work comfortably. Whether you’re buying your first salon styling stations for a new business or you’re expanding your existing salon, Standish Salon Goods has a wide range of stylish back-to-back salon styling stations for you to choose from!