A Salon Story: Jana's Hair Studio

Posted by Olivia Todaro on 2/14/2013 to Client Testimonials

Jana Laznicka has been in the hair business for over 25 years, and we were thrilled when she called us when the time came to open her first salon! Jana purchased our hardwood London Double Decker Station, paired it with our super stylish Margaux Styling Chairs, matching Backwash Unit, and a Chester Trolley to boot! We gotta say, her salon is lookin' pretty great!

We wanted to share all the nice things she had to say about us. We're beaming with pride... 

"I was very pleased with the order. I knew my furniture would be nice, I just didn't realized how nice! The London station is just beautiful, the color and the quality! Clients comment on it all the time."

"The styling chairs are very stylish and sturdy and the color is just beautiful!"

"I love my new backwash unit very much, and just like Olivia said, clients get used to the upright european design very quickly. And nine out of ten love it. I love my white sink, clients comment that it has a nice shape. It sits higher and it's much easier for me to wash hair. I can take my time and give my clients a massage, which is great!"

"I am very happy with the Chester Trolley, it's big and spacious, yet it moves easily. It also looks pretty too!"

"The prices were good for everything, free shipping was awesome and the package discount really made a difference! So, yes i am very pleased!"

If you're in the Middletown Township, NJ area, you should stop by Jana's Hair Studio! She's a delight and it's obvious she is just as passionate about her job as we are about ours, "Good ingredients and skill is important in good color result, but it is the hairdresser's patience and love for her job and the people which makes a difference." The opening of her salon was featured by local media, so go read the full story here

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