Top Salon Blogs to Watch in 2015

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Posted by Allie Winters on 2/2/2015 to Featured Salon

We've been searching the web for the best salon blogs in the business. Blogs that push the industry forward, that inspire others, and that are at the forefront of new salon trends.

Below is a rundown of the top salon blogs to watch in 2015!

Pouf Blow Out: Blog | Twitter | Insta

Pouf Blowout is an eco-minded dry salon that uses chemical-free products to create ultra-trendy blowouts. The blog showcases their amazing work and after-blowout styling techniques as well as updates on discounts and recent photos of celeb hairspiration.

Drybar: Blog | Twitter | Insta

Alli Webb, the business-savvy founder of Drybar, a popular American blow dry bar, shares details about her personal life and her work life on the Drybar blog. She also gives readers tons of advice and solutions for unkempt hair care, like her DIY recipe for an emergency after-ocean hair spritz!

Spa on the Square: Blog | Twitter | Insta

Spa on the Square doesn’t just write about hair. On their blog you’ll also find spa-related product giveaways and info on waxing and more. As well, they openly post about their talented team so you can get to know the experts at Spa on the Square before you meet them in person.

Body Bliss Salon: Blog | Twitter

Interested in reading blog posts that you won’t find anywhere else? Body Bliss Salon uses their blog to dispel common aesthetic myths and give practical advice like how to prepare for a salon appointment. As well, their amazing reviews on cutting edge products like Wen’s “Unwash” shampoo, can’t be missed.

Dear Clark: Blog | Twitter | Insta

You’ll love this blog if you already know and trust the Dear Clark product-line. The blog keeps readers up to date on Dear Clark events as well as current hair styling and hair care tips. They also post photos of the best celeb hairstyles and provide information on how to achieve the famous looks.

Confessions of a Hairstylist: Blog | Twitter | Insta

Edgy tattooed hairstylist, Jenny Strebe, offers professional advice on her blog. Best of all, she includes helpful video tutorials along with her hairstyle photos. Pinterest enthusiasts will especially love her as every photo comes with a pin button.

Your Stylist AJ: Blog | Twitter | Insta

AJ’s credentials in the hair and fashion industries make her the perfect salon blogger. Not only that, but tech-savvy AJ uses her blogging platform to share her Youtube videos, allowing readers to easily watch her product reviews and hair tutorials.

Sunnie Brook: Blog | Twitter | Insta

Sunnie Brook’s website looks like a page out of a magazine- maybe this has to do with the fact that she’s a celebrity hairdresser? If you’re looking for celeb hair trends and articles on quality, high-end products, this blog is for you.

The Freckled Fox: Blog | Twitter | Insta

The Freckled Fox is lifestyle blog that boasts an incredible amount of gorgeous looking hair tutorials. The step-by-step hair tutorials are easy to follow and replicate. Readers are even provided with organized lists of the tools they’ll need to complete the beautifully simple styles.

She Let Her Hair Down: Blog | Twitter | Pinterest

Rubi’s beautiful blog posts on hair, fashion, and more, blend wonderfully with her artistic photography. Her creativity will astound and inspire you to step your hair game up a notch.

Sam Villa: Blog |Twitter

The Same Villa blog is unique because it offers hairstyling (and hairloss) tips for both men and women and provides cutting tips for hairstylists. The blog also includes video tutorials for everyday hairstyles with a touch of added oomph, like this high-fashion take on the fishtail braid.

Hair and Makeup by Steph: Blog | Twitter | Insta

Steph is a professional hair stylist, blogger, and more. She gives practical hair advice like how to best manage cowlicks and style fine hair. Her blog is great at providing readers with surprisingly easy solutions to every-day hair emergencies.

Hair Product and Technique: Blog | Insta

A lot more relatable than other hair blogs, the Hair Product Technique blog is managed by an experienced cosmetologist. The blog deals with the every day issues that affect hair such dandruff. It also has a variety of articles about maintaining colored hair.

What to Expect in 2015 

"In 2015, I plan to write some really helpful articles for clients like How To Properly Explain The Hair Cut You Want, or What's The Difference Between Ombre, Sombre, Balayage and Babylights and Why They Can Get Pricey. There is just so many new techniques in the beauty industry that clients are only confused. When they better understand the process of hair color, cuts and how appointments are booked, they will have a better experience, and everyone will be on the same page. I appreciate all the responses I got from other stylists on my article 'What Every Stylist Wishes You Understood,' I'll try to write more helpful articles like that."

- Julia Belzetsky at Hair Product and Technique

Photo Credit: Hair Product and Technique

Andre Says: Blog

An award-winning stylist, Andre has worked on major celebrities such as Oprah. His blog discusses the techniques involved in processes such as hair coloring and it also deals with less-discussed, yet extremely valuable topics like how style natural hair. In the future, his website is also slated to launch videos!

Cute Girl Hairstyles: Blog | Twitter | Insta

Mindy, the creator of the Cute Girl Hairstyles blog has created hundreds of hairstyles that are sure to please any trendsetter. We love her blog because she includes a Youtube video in every post that carefully outlines how to achieve each salon-worthy style.

Do you enjoy writing salon-inspired articles on a blog of your own? Contact us today and find out if your website a possible candidate for the “Standish Salon Blog to Watch” badge!

Have a favorite salon blog that we didn't mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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