The Perfect Pairing: An Avant-Garde Salon Idea and Classic Standish Style

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Posted by Casey McCann on 4/6/2015 to Client Testimonials

Rebecca Tudor, co-owner of Salon Suites at Hillside, is changing what we might perceive a salon set-up to look like. She’s challenging the traditional salon industry model with a newer concept that’s catching on across the United States, the option to rent a full suite instead of the conventional booth rental within a salon. 

Surveys show potential salon owners are moving away from the restraints of ownership where the challenges of hiring and managing a full staff, choosing a payment structure and the initial financial investment are just a few obstacles this path brings.

Encouraging Salon Entrepreneurship 

Suite rental has become one of the preferred ways for a stylist to run their own business while still being part of a larger salon community. Tudor has found that offering each stylist the rental of their own room both fuels a sense of diversity within Salon Suites at Hillside as well as offers clients more options between stylists with different talents and focuses. She truly can offer a client almost anything service they could desire. 

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Within such a diverse atmosphere Tudor knew consistency was a must in a few specific areas, one of them being what salon furniture was selected. This is where Standish Salon Goods becomes part of her story. When Tudor began her search for salon furniture another industry professional told her about our Dallas showroom. She came in for a visit and fell in love with the classic style of our Charlotte styling chair and Chicago styling station, and was confident that every stylist who rented a suite at her salon would be as well. 

The story continues... 

Check out Rebecca Tudor’s full story about Salon Suites at Hillside and find out which piece of salon furniture has quickly become her favorite. No matter if you are selecting furniture for a suite layout or full service salon, Standish Salon Goods is here to assist you in choosing exactly what you want and need.

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