Ronald McDonald House - Impacting Families & Changing Lives

Ronald McDonald House
Posted by Ryan Gaffney on 3/17/2017 to Client Testimonials


Standish Salon Goods partnered with Ronald McDonald House in Dallas to renovate their current salon space. The Ronald McDonald House is an organization that provides housing, food, transportation, and activities for families that travel to the Dallas area for doctors appointments and medical treatments. Many families that visit the Ronald McDonald House consider it a ‘home away from home’ during a difficult time in their lives. Standish is honored to be able to give back to an organization that does so much good for the community!

By donating salon furniture to the Ronald McDonald House, the space that they had before truly transformed into a more professional salon space, giving the clients the feel of being at an actual salon. Melissa Fulton, one of the volunteer hair stylists at the Ronald McDonald House, commented on how much this has helped her on providing services to the families that visit the House. “It makes what I do here so much easier, and it makes the client feel like they’re getting a professional service at a professional salon”.


CEO of RMH of Dallas Jill Cumnock worked with Standish on selecting items that would work for the salon in the House. Jill said “I think that the partnership with Standish is phenomenal; It makes it possible for us to offer some services to our families that we might not be able to afford to do otherwise. When we have partners like Standish that come in and say ‘I want to make this possible for your families’ it is truly something that makes an impact in the lives of the families that are staying here.”

Standish had the wonderful opportunity to go up to the House to install the items selected. Standish donated Styling Stations, Veronica White Salon Chair and Trolleys for the volunteers to keep their brushes and combs in. Standish loved getting to work with such a loving organization, and will continue to look for ways to help the community in the future. Thank you Ronald McDonald House for allowing Standish Salon Goods to be able to take part in all of the amazing work you do for the community.



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