Lil Edith Black Salon Color Tray

Lil Edith Black Salon Color Tray

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Sometimes there just isn't enough storage space with the constricting space of a salon station, or a salon floor. It can be tough, especially for you triple threats out there- hair cutters, colorists, and stylists! It's difficult to always keep all of your utensils nice and neat when you're trying to reach all areas of a client's hair. But fret no more, Standish has the answer: the Lil' Edith Salon Tray! This sleek, mobile salon color tray will keep the overflow of your salon equipment tidy and safe all looking stylish in your salon at the same time. Not only is this tray portable and space-efficient, but she also is super safe! Complete with a 2-year warranty, there's no way you can pass this girl up!

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