Less is More: How Modern Salon Design Can Work for You

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Posted by Casey McCann on 5/14/2015 to New Products

There’s a unique beauty and attraction in the simplicity of modern design. No, we aren’t saying to clear off your shelves and clear out your salon, but explore a few great modern salon design ideas that can update your space or give you the individualized overhaul you’ve been eyeing.

How to Know if the Modern Vibe Fits Your Style and Salon

Whether you are wanting to add a few new finishes or trying to decide on a design for your new salon, there are modern offerings that can settle any skeptic’s wandering mind. Switching out a few vases around your salon with green, lush plants can add that modern touch or trading out your current salon chairs with a cleaner design will do the trick.

Pare down your reception area furniture and add a couple of vintage pieces you can find at the local thrift store, without sacrificing customer comfort of course, this will give your space an updated look and unique personality.

Are you starting from scratch? Pick a focal piece and work your new design around it. Focal pieces are generally things that you invest more emotion and cash in. Try adding a new reception desk or modern light fixture in your reception area.

We love Standish client Wenny Blackman's beautiful modern look below complete with backlit mirrors and the popular Draper salon chair in white.

Wen Chic Salon and Spa

Keep the Lights Bright and the Paint White

One of the best features of modern design is not only how makes your salon looks but how it feels. Painting your walls white or a similarly light color can give your space an openness and freshness that’s just in time for the warmer seasons. Ditch any window coverings to add more natural light to salon and switching out some finishings to a variety of metals to your look.

The Standish Interpretation of Modern

At Standish, we love working with salons to update to a new look and feel and recently we’ve added some great new modern pieces that work for any space. We’ve even created a special salon package to help you take the guess work out of your modern salon design.

Which of these modern furniture pieces would you love to have in your salon? Let us know in the comment section below!

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