Introducing Norvell to Standish

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Posted by Jacklyn Hancock on 11/26/2015 to Featured Brands


Introducing Norvell to Standish!

Norvell tanning equipment is the world’s largest manufacturer of sunless solutions. With having been established for over 15 years, Norvell is the leading distributor of sunless solutions and DHA products.

All of Norvell's products are hand crafted and created at their facility in Tennessee, making all of their products manufactured 100% in the United States. The products are held to a higher quality standard by being paraben free, gluten free, and 100% vegan. Norvell takes pride in their items and wants to provide a safe and healthy tanning experience to their customers.

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By using Norvell tanning products, you would be providing you customers a way to look sun kissed without worrying about the damage caused by tanning beds, such as prematurely aged skin and the potential for skin cancer. With items like their Hydrofirm solution and the pH Balancing Spray, you can have a beautiful glow with the peace of mind that you are doing something good for your skin.

As Steve Edwards mentions in the video, the return on investment for Norvell is one of the highest you can have in the beauty industry. For one gallon of solution you can spend anywhere from $140 to $300 depending on the formula, and charge $35 for each spray tan (which is the national average for a spray tan service). Assuming that you get 55-60 spray tans out of one gallon of solution, you could potentially earn close to $2,000 out of that one gallon. That means that you are getting a return on investment of 9 times on each gallon!

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There are many options that you could chose from when beginning your spray tanning venture, like the kits that we offer or customizing a package just for you. Whether you are just beginning or you have had this service for years, Standish can help you with any questions about products or purchasing.

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