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Posted by Allie Winters on 7/20/2015 to Client Testimonials

Sara Hernandez, owner of Tyler Street Salon, opened her doors to our Standish team so we could learn more about what Tyler Street is all about. Needless to say, we were very impressed and felt right at home. 

Once you enter, you're immediately greeted with excellent customer service and joy. The newly opened salon offers clients a professional environment where they can get quality services in a calming atmosphere. 

Sara’s concept of her salon is open and friendly, “This is a salon where you can come in looking like yourself, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and not feel uncomfortable at all." 

With the help of her mentors, Sara learned that hair can be done very beautifully in a relaxed environment where you don’t have to take yourself too seriously. Sara loves opening her door to others, which allows her to create a close bond with her clients. 

With the focus on relationships and being comfortable, Tyler Street Salon is the perfect place to be yourself and in turn, look your best. 

Sara visited the Standish showroom when it was time to expand her salon. She was able to feel, touch and see the quality of work put into our Standish salon equipment. 

Tyler Street features our Margaux Styling Chair and Veronica Shampoo Shuttle. Sara loves the overall look of our Margaux. “The Margaux styling chair. I love the sleek look of it. It feels like you’re actually sitting in a living room chair. The ease of the hydraulic I really like.” 

Also featured in this cozy salon is our Veronica Shampoo Shuttle, which has an adjustable sink both clients and stylist will be comfortable. “I love that the sinks tilt. That really helps because we have clients of all very different heights so everybody kind-of fits into it.” 

“The quality of it, I haven’t had any issues with it, whatsoever. It’s just very easy to use. I love the stand behind option. It’s very comfortable on my back, because I’m very tall. You get a great perspective when you’re doing color work in the shampoo bowls. I love it,” said Sara. 

We LOVE when our clients enjoy our salon equipment, and we get to visit our clients salon to see their dreams come true. Visit Tyler Street Salon in Dallas, TX to feel right at home while getting your hair done by the best stylists around.

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