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Posted by Ryan Gaffney on 11/14/2018 to Featured Salon

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Lola Hair Studio, located in Cambridge, MA is a street level, brick-front corner shop in a small commercial building. Upon entering Lola Hair Studio, your eye will immediately be drawn to the reception area, where you will see one of their friendly receptionists sitting behind a tall marble-topped desk. As you approach the reception desk, you will notice its backdrop, subtly shimmering wallpaper, and the focal point - a custom circular metal logo sign that reads "Lola Hair Studio." 

Looking around you will notice the open concept layout of the salon. To the left and right of the reception desk are the waiting area and retail units, and on either side of the desk are wide walkthroughs to the remainder of the salon where you can see some of the salon's activity taking place. 

Unlike any other salon in the area, Lola Hair Studio combines modern and classic design elements. The space offers a dramatic contrast of light neutral expanses and pops of dark color with lines. For example, the flooring in the salon is a wide plank vinyl made of partly recycled materials. This vinyl has the appearance of a dark-toned wood in a matte industrial finish,  which complements the soft neutral tones of the walls and more traditional crown molding. 

In the waiting area, you may have a seat in the smoke-black acrylic chairs. Hanging above the chairs are over-sized black and white prints of retro-iconography hairstyles. The attentive staff will offer you a beverage, take your coat, and make you feel comfortable while you relax, enjoy a magazine, and take in the soothing fragrance of tropical fruits and sugared citrus. 

Directly across from the sitting area is an eye-catching display of gemstone-colored Oribe and Goldwell Kerasilk products shelved on tall black lacquer units.

When it's time for your appointment, you will put on a satin robe and be guided by your stylist into the cutting/styling room, you will see a modern cage chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room above a round tulip table, further displaying the theme of modern versus classic. This is the favorite design element in the salon. 

As you sit in your styling chair (Charlotte Black Hair Salon Chair), you will begin noticing the small yet incredibly important details, which help create a comfortable and edgy styling experience unique to Lola Hair Studio. First, you will notice that your black vinyl and chrome chair both sleek and pleasant to sit in. You will notice how flattering the light is when you look at your reflection in the floating rectangular backlit mirror. Careful consideration was taken to make sure that both the wall color and the lighting reflect the best, truest, and most complimentary light onto all skin tones. This lighting also allows for your stylist to see your true hair hue and mix the most suitable color for your hair. There is also a matte white styling station for you to place for your complimentary beverage and a hook to hang your purse. 

The remainder of the salon includes a three-chair color bar (Also The Charlotte Styling Chairs in Black), two freestanding shampoo stations, and the dispensary station, which are all within plain view of the cutting area. 

All of these areas have a distinct look and feel and ties in the design elements from the rest of the salon. Some of these elements include black lacquer cabinets, retro-iconography varied in size, vinyl chairs, smoked glass doors, and a sparkly backsplash. 

The third overarching design element that separates Lola Hair Studio from the rest is the deliberate attention paid to satisfaction of the consumer and the staff through the floor selection and styling station design. A stylist can be on their feet for hours on end. Having this in mind, the flooring was selected to be durable, quiet and easy on the feet. The styling station was made custom to cut down on clutter and visual distractions. All of the wires are tucked neatly away so hair caretakers can be free to think in an environment that's easy on their eye, and you can enjoy a clutter-free view of their service and the rest of the salon. 

Additionally, while you wait for your color to process, you will have a chance to charge your personal device, hand your purse, enjoy your beverage and chocolate. If you take a trip to the restroom during your visit, you make think you were in a luxury hotel. There are fresh guest towels made of recycled materials, hand lotion, and hair and body oil to get refreshed before you leave. 

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