Featured Salon: Garage Men's Grooming

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Posted by Connor Gaffney on 10/13/2017 to Client Testimonials

The Garage Men's Grooming, located in Burleson TX and owned by Dani Rojas offers a wide variety of services for their clients such as: haircuts, face shaves, hot leather neck shaves, facials/masks, massages, waxing, and tanning. It is the ultimate men's spa! The Garage Men's Grooming has a total of 13 girls working there, and Michelle is one of the lead stylists! Michelle describes working with the other girls as working with family. Dani and Michelle have known each other since they were in High School, and have remained close friends ever since!

Prior to opening the Garage Men's Grooming Michelle and Dani, both worked in the corporate world where their ideas just weren't heard and felt that they could do something even better. They figured if other people can open up their own salon/spa why can't they, and that is exactly what they did! All of the girls told Dani if she did this that they would support her, and give her 110% and it all started from there. Michelle thinks of her clients as family and lifelong friends. She says that they make sure that their salon has a fun and open atmosphere for their clients to feel right at home with them. They truly put their clients first and make sure that they are having the best experience possible when they come into their shop.

The ladies at The Garage Men's Grooming absolutely love the Anti-Fatigue floor mats from Standish Salon Goods. They talked about how comfortable they are and the cushion for their feet makes working on them all day enjoyable. They also stated that the mats are sturdy, don't rip and easy to clean, making it the perfect addition to any salon! The main focal point of their salon is the beautiful d'El-rei Barber Chair! Michelle explained that they love the d'El-rei because of how easy it is to use! She states that you can push it down easy, even with a tall and bigger client in the chair. She also talked about how the hydraulic doesn't get stuck making it easy to recline the customer and let's not forget about that adjustable headrest making it comfortable for any client!

The ultimate goal that Dani has for her ladies at The Garage Men's Grooming is in the next 5-10 years to expand to where they all can manage their own salon around the DFW metroplex! Standish absolutely loved working with all of the wonderful ladies at The Garage Men's Grooming and look forward to working with all of you in the future! It was an honor for us to be able to meet all of you and feature your salon! Do you want to check out The Garage Men's Grooming and see what all they have to offer? Then check out their website at http://www.thegaragemg.com/ and follow their social media @thegaragemg! Love this look? Shop the d'El-rei Barber Chair today! https://www.standishsalongoods.com/one-world-inspiredi-del-rei-barber-chair

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