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Posted by Casey McCann on 5/26/2015 to Featured Salon

Every stylist has heard this line from a client, “Why don’t you just move in with me? Then my hair will look this great everyday.” The founder of FORM Hair Salon and Hair Education is giving many Dallas clients just that, but without the cost of a live-in stylist. Whitney Haynes has a long running resume within the salon world, where she has spent extensive time educating clients and other hairdressers.

FORM Salon and Hair Education has been open a several short months but Haynes has been making a big impression on both client and trade education. This love of education is what initially inspired Haynes to open the salon. Besides employing a team of specialists who are experts in almost any service in the salon industry including extensions and balayage, Haynes’ experts also have the opportunity to teach client education classes weekly.

The Art of Client Education Offerings

Haynes says that it’s her clients that have been the biggest supporter of her education programs and were her greatest encouragement for FORM’s classes. Haynes’ classes are appealing in so many ways, what client wouldn’t want to be able to style their own hair like a professional everyday? Other draws to her classes are adaptability and ease. Clients can bring in their own products or tools to classes. Also, Haynes is more than happy to come to you with her offsite offering.  

Standish as a Perfect FORM Fitting

When Haynes began her search for salon furniture for her new space, Standish Salon Goods stood out not only because of the furniture offerings and great pricing but it met Haynes’ desire to buy local. Her selection of the Duke salon styling chair and Soho Loft styling station work great for both styling services and client education. The streamlined and minimalist Duke allows a client to focus on learning without a bulky and uncomfortable chair getting in the way.

Congratulations to Whitney and her entire team on not only the opening of a beautiful new salon but bringing the love of salon education to the Dallas area!

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Does your salon offer client education classes? Comment below and tell us what types of classes have been your clients’ favorites.

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