Featured Brand: Kaemark Salon Furnishings

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Posted by Tiffany Boyle on 8/10/2015 to Featured Brands

Meet one of our distributors, Kaemark Salon Furnishings. Kaemark, like our Standish offices, are located in the great state of Texas! They’re located in a small town right outside of Austin and have been in business since 1972.

One of our favorite things about Kaemark is that that every piece of furniture that leaves their warehouse is custom made-to-order, from the ground up.

This means that not only is your salon equipment made right here in the United States, but it’s also hand built by a team of creative individuals.

Kaemark employs some of the best furniture designers in the business with decades of experience in the industry. So, if there isn’t anything out there you are totally in love with, Kaemark can make you a custom item that exactly fits your salon’s design and needs.

Along with using American supplies, they really take the time to ensure your products are built to last. They use quality material such as fir industrial board instead of pine particleboard, as well as triple joint security for your stations, high density foam and fortified seat buckets for your salon chairs.

Not only do you get our standard 2-year warranty, but on most of their salon chairs, you can enjoy an extended warranty on the hydraulic pumps and other mechanisms to really show how great of a product you are receiving.

If you have any questions about Kaemark Salon Furnishings, or any of our other products, give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’d be more than happy to help you out!

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