Feature Salon: Spa On The Square

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Posted by Allie Winters on 4/28/2017 to Client Testimonials

Spa on the Square is a full service Med spa, Day Spa, and Salon located in Southlake Town Square Center. Owner, Donna Blue, chose a community that was close to home. They have maintained their success by building relationships with their community who have turned into friends who are like family. 

Their services are offered from head to toe. You can come in to have your hair done, get a facial, a laser treatment, a mani-pedi, or a massage. You can spend your entire day at Spa on the Square, and our Standish team did just that! Donna opened her doors and let us spend the afternoon enjoying mani-pedi’s while taking in the beauty of her salon. 

Not only did we get to enjoy several of the services Spa on the Square offers, we were able to do it with Standish Salon equipment. Thanks for your nice compliments, Martha, we're beaming..

“[We] decided on Standish because number one, the personal customer service that was provided, the company, the value, seeing the furniture that we purchased, and being a Dallas company also meant a lot to us.” - Martha Blue

Our Continuum Pedicure Spas allow customers to sit relaxed and comfortable while enjoying their pedicure. 

“We love the Continuum Spa Chairs. The customers love them. They’re clean, they’re easy to clean, so it keeps us up to TDLR standards. We are just so happy. They look beautiful." - Martha Blue

In addition to the Continuum Spa Chairs, Spa on the Square features our Berkeley Nail Table
“We love the flexibility of our nail tables. We love the granite top. And just everything about it."

"Purchasing from Standish was very easy. Standish took care of it all for us. Basically we were making an order and next thing we knew, they were coming in the door. So that was very pleasing." 

Thank you Spa on the Square for opening your doors to our team. We had a wonderful time and will be back again! 

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