14 Signs You’ve Found The One - Show Them You Chair This Valentine’s Day

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Posted by Tiffany Boyle on 2/13/2015

At Standish, we LOVE puns and salons. We've combined the best of both to give you a good laugh this Valentine's Day. If you feel one, some, or even all of these about the stylist in your life, share these with them and tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section below! 

1. You've found the one, and there's nothing that is going to drain that feeling!

2. Every second together is more amazing than the last.

3. Together you can take on the world, every step of the way!
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4. They didn't just make the cut, they exceeded every expectation!

5. You're sure of how you feel, from your hair to your toes!

6. No matter what, they always seem to bring the heat and exceed your expectations.
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7. There's no(w)hair you'd rather be than by their side.

8. You feel confident in your choice of someone to be hand-in-hand in life with.

9. You're convinced you've found your sole-mate.

10. When they walk in a room, it instantly lightens up.

11. You don't want to curl up, you want to get out there and keep up all the fun times with that special someone.

12. They are the bobby pin to your up-do.

13. Your mind is made up about how you feel; you'd nearly dye without them.

14. Above all, you want to sit back, relax, and spend this Valentine’s weekend showing your loved one how much you care.
I Chair-Ish You

Share your favorites, and send us your most clever hair-related pun on social media using the hashtag #MyPunnyStandishValentine!  

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