10 Ways To Market Your Salon Better

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Posted by Ryan Gaffney on 2/12/2018 to Salon Ideas & Inspiration

Marketing your salon can be a difficult task, especially if you are unfamiliar with many marketing techniques. That's why we have picked 10 simple steps to make marketing your salon easy. You can start these 10 steps today to bring more business to your salon! 

1. Leverage Your Salon 
Don't just advertise to your family and friends, expand your circle and attend different networking groups! You can do this both in person or online. A popular form online for salon owners is at www.behindthechair.com, you could also ask your local Chamber of Commerce about any networking groups in your area. Networking in person gives other's a better feel for your personality and the chance to formally meet you. You never know where your next client can come from! 

2. Create an Email List
It's always important to stay in touch with your clients, and creating a newsletter is the best and easiest way! You can make your newsletter as personal as you want. You can have it be a way for your clients to be able to take part of your personal life or you can just use it as a means of offering special deals and promotions. The possibilities are endless! 

3. Build Relationships On Social Media
Social media can be a powerful tool to be able to stay in contact with your customers. It doesn't just have to be a place where you post different promotions that you have going on, but a place where you can really listen to your customers and get feedback. An important piece of advice is to keep your social media interesting, post content that you know will excite your customers and make them excited to come see you! 

4. Hand Out Business Review Cards 
Getting your clients to review you on different platforms such as; Yelp, Google and Facebook are crucial! By handing out cards asking for a review makes this process super simple and gives the client a visual reminder to leave you a raving review! Having reviews on these platforms helps new customers in your area find you and your salon! 

5. Reward Clients For Referrals 
Set up rewards for clients who bring in new clients! The reward can be anything from a free service/product or a certain percentage off of their next service. You decide what works best for you and your clients! By doing this it gives your customers a more incentive to bring new business to your salon.

6. Be Your Own Billboard
Be your own walking billboard! As a hairdresser, you want to make sure that your hair is always on point! Whenever anyone gives you a compliment you can tell them what you do and give them your business card! Easy as that! 

7. Create A Website
It's 2018, every business should have a website! Having one allows people in your area or even around the country be able to find your business easier! Your website is also the face of your company so you want to make sure that it looks polished! You can start out using an easy platform such as WordPress or Squarespace! These two companies make creating websites simple! 

8. Start A Loyalty Program
By offering a loyalty program to your customers makes them more inclined to keep returning to you so that they can receive their incentive. Whether that be based on the number of times they come to you or the amount of money they spend, you decide! It's not just about getting new clients but also keeping your current ones! 

9. Create A Paid Search Campaign 
There may be a learning curve for this tip, so it may be best to work with a professional on this. Using paid ads can really get your business out there and seen by a lot of people! This is a great idea for people who are searching on Google or any other search engine for a new salon to go to. You want yours to be the first search result that comes up, and this tip will get you there! 

10. Attend Trade Shows
If you don't already attend trade shows this is a great place to not only learn new tips and trends that are going on in the salon industry but a great way to network! Bring your business cards and start networking! You can even have a special promotion for this occasion that gives anyone who comes to your salon from the tradeshow a certain percentage off of their service. 

Want More Tips? Check out our infographic blog for 25 Marketing Tips For Your Salon! 

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